A Houseplant Debate, Plants Underwater, and Hardy Palm Trees

Have you wondered why some plants can live underwater but your houseplants die if you give them too much water? Hear why this is, which houseplants Ellen and C.L. recommend, and learn about “Secret Suppers” in this episode of Plantrama.

:33 Insider Information: Why some plants can grow under water while others rot and die in too much water.
9:20 Eat/Drink/Grow: Houseplant Debate!
20:12 Did You Know: A Secret Supper  Learn more here.
24:58 Love Letters and Questions:   Paul wants to know if there are palm trees that are cold hardy.

Why are some plants able to live in (or even under) water while others rot? Ellen and C.L. discuss how aquatic plants are different. 

C.L. Loves spider plants…Ellen, not so much. What do you think of this variegated houseplant?

A photo from Ellen’s Secret Supper in New Mexico.

Those in northern climates will need to travel to warmer areas for palm trees. But frankly, that’s one of the things that makes traveling so interesting…different plants than you see everyday at home!

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