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Find tee shirts, mugs and other Plantrama gear at our TeePublic store. The Classic Tees are printed front and back (small image on the front) and the other styles are either back or front only. To see assorted women’s styles, click (within the store) on one of the designs that are titled Front and choose “women’s” as the type of shirt – you will be shown a selection of fits and necklines. Note that the women’s tend to run small! 

Books by Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari

The Wildcrafted Cocktail book by Ellen Zachos

The Wildcrafted Cocktail
by Ellen Zachos

The Wildcrafted Cocktail by Ellen Zachos

I admit it: I like cocktails. Ok, I love cocktails. They’re special little combinations of ingredients that intoxicate, not only with the spirits they contain, but also with their colors and flavors. Using edible wild plants and mushrooms in cocktails lets you serve festive beverages that make an occasion special. In The Wildcrafted Cocktail, learn how to infuse bourbon with crabapples, make syrup from milkweed flowers, or quick pickle daylily buds for a dirty martini. If you’re interested in local, seasonal flavors, or craft cocktails, this book shows you how to create the wild ingredients that will make your beverages truly unique.

The Cocktail Hour Garden by C.L. Fornari

I don’t know about you, but I find that if I don’t make it a ritual to stop working, and put aside digital devices on a regular basis, I’m likely to see entire weeks melt away on I’m not sure what. The Cocktail Hour Garden is about creating environments for that purpose. I explain how we can all make space in the evening hours to reconnect with other people and the natural world. It’s about building a landscape that appeals to the senses. It’s about feeding body, mind and soul with the plants we place in gardens and containers. This book invites you to a cocktail party in your own backyard…whether it’s with an alcoholic beverage or a glass of sparkling water garnished with a sprig of thyme. Come sit outdoors in the evening, take a deep breath and celebrate life.

The Cocktail Hour Garden book by C.L. Fornari

The Cocktail Hour Garden
by C.L. Fornari

Backyard Foraging book by Ellen Zachos

Backyard Foraging
by Ellen Zachos

Backyard Foraging by Ellen Zachos

Backyard Foraging is my attempt to lure people into the wonderful world of foraging. You might find the idea of foraging interesting, but no one wants to be one of those tragedies described in the newspaper: “Family of Five Found Dead from Eating Poison Hemlock.” Reduce the fear factor by taking plant identification out of the equation. You already know what you’re growing in your own backyard, and you know whether those plants have been sprayed with anything toxic. So why not start there? Once you see how easy it is, and experience these wonderful, unbuyable flavors, you’ll be hooked. And I will have accomplished my goal.

Coffee for Roses by C.L. Fornari

I’ll confess that 80% of the myths in this book are things that I once thought were true. As a young gardener I thought that oak leaves and pine needles made soil acidic. I was told that I needed to put a layer of rocks in the bottom of pots “for drainage.” And yes, for many years my husband and I planted marigolds in the vegetable garden to keep bugs away. Now I know better. Coffee for Roses dispels myths that we’ve bought into in a fond, we’ve-all-been-there way. It’s a book where we can laugh with recognition while we look at our plants and gardens with delightfully opened eyes.

Coffee for Roses book by C.L. Fornari

Coffee for Roses
by C.L. Fornari

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