In the winter of 2016 Ellen and C.L. recorded a video in front of a live audience. They titled it Houseplant Rescue: Save it, or Say Goodbye?  In the process they realized that they enjoyed talking about plants in a personal, conversational manner. They discovered that they like to have fun with their topic, have different areas of plant or garden expertise, and they don’t always agree. It was the start of a creative working relationship.

C.L. and Ellen believe that podcasts are perfect for providing plant information that enriches listeners’ lives, helps them to be successful with the plants they grow, and assists them in understanding natural processes. Being outdoors among plants is good for us, physically, mentally, spiritually and beyond. We feed body and soul, which is what this podcast has been about since it started.

In the fall of 2022, Ellen and C.L. announced that they are taking a sabbatical, as each of them works on a new book and other projects. Stay tuned to see what germinates!

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Ellen and C.L. are “on break” as each of them work on new books and projects. We’ll be in touch down the road with more news!

Kudos, Reviews from Apple Podcasts, and Love Letters

” I really enjoy your podcast and look forward to it every week.” Julie
“Wonderful!  I loved the different perspectives of the hosts. There was something very useful in each episode and the rest was very entertaining! Well produced and a joy to listen to.”
“For seasoned plant geeks and newbies alike! I listen to several gardening podcasts and this one is my favorite! The hosts know their stuff — it’s clear they have many years of hands-on experience, and they are adept at sharing worthwhile tips with the rest of us. They have a great dynamic, with Ellen being the foraging/plant expert and CL the ornamental/edibles expert. I love that they don’t always agree! I’ve been binging on this podcast all winter in preparation for the spring gardening season.”
“The other night my wife asked baby Sam (2) if he wanted to listen to a podcast. He said, “Oh yeah! Not Tara Brach” (a meditation podcast) “Mine want listen Plant-RAMA!” Chris G. Madison, WI
“All of the best things in one podcast!  An incredibly helpful and fun podcast. Combining science, art, and eating really tasty fresh food – what could be better?? CL and Ellen are excellent hosts, both have so much to share about growing, foraging, preparing, cooking, and enjoying food/plants. For anyone interested in improving their garden, learning about growing and foraging, or just enjoy food and plants – definitely check out Plantrama!”


Ellen Zachos
Ellen Zachos is a garden writer and photographer, and lectures at flower shows and for garden clubs around the world. She is the author of seven books including Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat and The Wildcrafted Cocktail. A former Broadway performer (cast of Les Miz), Ellen is a Harvard graduate and earned multiple certificates in horticulture and ethnobotany at the New York Botanic Garden. She taught at the NYBG for many years, and also worked there as Coordinator of the Gardening Department in Continuing Ed, before moving to Santa Fe, NM in the summer of 2016. Ellen works with RemyUSA, teaching foraging mixology workshops across the US for The Botanist Gin, and shares seasonal recipes and tips on foraging for wild edible plants and mushrooms at
C.L. Fornari
C.L. has cultivated flower and vegetable gardens in Wisconsin, California, New York State and Massachusetts. She is the author of seven books and numerous articles about plants and gardens.  As a self-described “plant pusher” C.L. has been a voice for gardening on several radio stations including: The Cultivated Gardener on NPR in 1999 and 2000;  The Garden Lady on WRKO from 2015-2017; and GardenLine on WXTK from 2002 to the present. C.L. has her radio audiences convinced that her initials stand for “Compost Lover.” She grows all types of plants at Poison Ivy Acres on Cape Cod and blogs at
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