Amaryllis, Breathing Room, and the Art, Science and Dinner of Orchids

0:37 – 4:33 What’s for dinner: Foraged Pesto and Winter Squash Soup

There’s a basic recipe for winter squash soup here. To make the version we talk about in this episode, omit the curry and ginger and add a couple of tablespoons of cognac. Swirl with a tablespoon of pesto in each bowl just before serving if desired.

4:37 – 10:56 Insider Information:   “Breathing Room”

11:03 – 25:15 Eat/Drink/Grow:    The Art, Science and Dinner of Orchids

25:25 – 30:33 Did You Know: How to keep an Amaryllis from year to year.

30:36 – 35:15 Love Letters and Questions: A love note from Kerry.

The most commonly found orchid that is used as a houseplant is a Phalaenopsis, aka the moth orchid.

This wall of Vanda orchids was seen at the TPIE trade show in Florida. Orchid art, if you ask me.

Yes, orchid flowers are edible….but you’ll enjoy them more on the plant we think.

No matter what color they are, Amaryllis flowers brighten up any winter day.

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