BBQ, Soil Bacteria, and Annuals for the Kitchen Garden, Cutting Garden and Containers

In this episode Ellen and C.L. discuss plants to grow or forage for with the barbeque in mind. They explain that not all microorganisms are good for all plants, give suggestions for great annuals, and talk about cutworm protection.

:40 What’s for dinner: Gearing up for the BBQ season.
7:30 Insider Information:  Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria
12:04 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Great annuals to grow this summer.
23.43 Love Letters and Questions: Paper cups around veggie stems?

There is a rosemary with long, straight stems, often labeled as BBQ rosemary, that makes tasty skewers for barbecued meat, tofu or veggies.

This photo shows some spectacular containers filled with tropical annuals. Included are crotons, begonias, ferns ivy and others.

Dahlias are a must-plant annual in cutting gardens.

Nasturtiums should be planted in every kitchen garden since they are not only cheerful, but the leaves and flowers are edible and tasty!

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