Cress, Spring Flowers, and Old Carpet as Mulch

Spring plants are first and foremost in this episode as we talk about cress, foraged and farmed, the Year of the Hyacinth, and two spring flowers, Ranunculus and Bellis perennis. Ellen and C.L. tell Paul why old carpet might not make the best mulch.

:40       What’s for dinner:  Cress wild and tame.
10:13    Insider Information:   The National Gardening Bureau says it’s the year of the Hyacinth.
14:02    Eat/Drink/Grow:   About 2 Spring Plants
23:07    Love Letters and Questions:   Paul asks, “Does old carpet make good mulch in a vegetable garden?”

We are so pleased to have this episode sponsored by Dramm Lawn and Garden products.  

wild bittercress showing tiny white flowers on upright stems.

Bittercress has tiny white flowers on upright stems.

Bellis perennis flowers are pink and white and are combined with pansies that are purple and yellow.

Bellis perennis flowers are wonderful combined with pansies and other cool-weather flowers.

These Ranunculus were grown by Battenfelds Wholesale Growers of cut flowers.

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