Eating Japanese Knotweed, Some Must-Plant Vegetables, and Mandevilla Vine

In this Plantrama episode we talk about eating the invasive Japanese knotweed, three of C.L.’s must-plant vegetable varieties, growing Mandevilla vine and poison green potatoes.

:32 What’s For Dinner: Foraged Japanese knotweed. Find Ellen’s recipe for pickled knotweed here.
5:10 Insider Information:   Three of C.L.’s must-grow vegetables: Black Beauty Eggplant, Chinese Red Noodle Beans, Bright Lights Chard
Look for Chinese Red Noodle Bean and Chard seeds at Johnny’s Seeds.
11:12 Eat/Drink/Grow:   Mandevilla Vine – why you want to grow this tropical vine, which varieties to look for, and whether it is worth keeping it over the winter.
20:18 Love Letters and Questions: Mandy asks why it’s bad to eat green potatoes, and how to prevent the ones she grows from turning green again.

There are both red and green noodle beans. Plant these in full sun and pick them every other day while they are young.

Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant. Ellen says the best approach is to eat it!

Here are some Japanese Knotweed stems that have been pickled.

Red noodle bean vines are pretty and look great on small arbors.


This is a garden stir-fry made with summer squash, peppers and red noodle beans.

No wonder we all love mandevilla flowers!

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