Fertilizing, Carnivorous Plants, and Dealing With Deer

:30 What’s for dinner: Throw it on the Barbie! Grilling, farmed and foraged.

5:52 Plant noob: How often do I have to fertilize annuals, perennials and containers?

12:58 Eat/Drink/Grow:     “Feed Me!” Carnivorous plants… grow your own bug traps…just don’t try and feed them hamburger.

Carnivorous plants can be ordered online from Predatory Plants, Grow Carnivorous Plants, and Logees.

19:43 Insider Information:  Battling Bambi – a few quick tips about deer control.

25:49 Love Letters and Questions Email from Chelsea who asks about growing edibles on a windy NYC terrace.

Sugar snap peas cooked on the barbecue…brushed with a mix of tamari and olive oil.

This is a hanging basket filled with a pitcher plant. The next two photos show the pitchers that trap the insects, and what was in just one of them when I poured it out!

This Nepenthes caught dozens of flies every day. A great plant to hang near your outdoor dining area.

Catch of the day! I poured the contents from one of the pitchers into a yogurt container and this is what I saw. Insect stew!

Sarracenias are carnivorous bog plants that are especially beautiful and a bit quirky.

Here is a tomato plant being grown on a terrace. If your location is especially windy, consider putting a trellis horizontal instead of vertical, and letting the tomato stems trail on the flat surface instead of climb up.

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