Fiddlehead Ferns and Comparing Cannabis and Tomatoes

Discover which ferns to harvest for spring “fiddleheads,” why you shouldn’t start seeds in pots of garden soil, comparing and contrasting starting tomatoes and cannabis from seed, and the possibility of planting peas in July.

:32 What’s For Dinner: Fiddlehead ferns – new ostrich fern shoots.
6:54 Plant Noob: Why can’t I use garden soil to start my seeds in or for my outdoor containers?
10:14 Eat/Drink/Grow: Is Cannabis the “new tomato”? How are these plants similar for starting from seed?
Love Letters and Questions: Saul wants to know if he can plant a second crop of peas in July once the first crop finishes.

This photo shows all the features of a fiddlehead fern that makes them easy to identify.

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