Garden Design, Strawberries in a Greenhouse, and Dog Business

Hear about how to garden if you move frequently, creating consistent gardens in sun and shade, colors that work together, and growing strawberries in a greenhouse. That and keeping the neighbor’s dogs from killing plants when they urinate on them.

With thanks to our Northwest Flower and Garden Show Sponsors: Storey Publishing, Gardener’s Supply Company, and Botanical Interest Seeds!

 1:06    Plant Noob: The neighbor’s dogs kill my plants on the sidewalk!
4:42    Eat/Drink/Grow: Designing Gardens – questions from the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival
17:09  Insider information: purple hyacinth beans…edible or poison?
17:57  Love Letters and Questions  Growing strawberries in greenhouses

 One way to unite a landscape is to repeat the use of a plant…Here All Gold hakon grass is planted on a shady and sunny side of a house.

We discuss the pleasures and perils of growing strawberries in a greenhouse. (One pleasure we didn’t mention is that you might be able to keep chipmunks out!)

Looking to have a garden in a temporary area? Consider Smart Pots! Here, C.L. has dressed up the green Smart Pots with some decorative fencing.

Smart Pots can be placed on the edge of a lawn, on a driveway, or wherever you want to grow plants but don’t want to turn up soil.

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