Grow Lights, Holiday Boxwood Trees, and Our Thanksgiving Table  

Acorn baklava and creamed chard start off this episode. Hear how holiday boxwood trees are made, and learn about providing your indoor plants with supplemental lighting. A listener asks about “seed FOMO” – should seeds be ordered now and will they still be good next spring? 

:40 What’s for dinner: Ellen and C.L. talk about what dishes are on their Thanksgiving table. As usual, Ellen’s forager’s table is way more exotic than C.L.’s gardener’s table.  See Ellen’s recipe for Acorn Baklava here.

6:11 Insider Information: Holiday Boxwood Trees. How are the boxwood trees you see for sale at this time of year made? Learn about these holiday decorations, and see how to make them below.

11:41 Eat/Drink/Grow: Plants Under Lights. Do your plants need artificial light? What type of lights you can use, and how to place them most effectively.

Check out these fluorescent light fixtures and racks from Gardener’s Supply. 
If you don’t want fluorescent fixtures, but are interested in stronger HID models, look at these.

21:05 Love Letters and Questions: A listener asks about “seed FOMO” – should seeds be ordered now so that you don’t miss out?

Ellen’s Acorn Baklava

Click on these How To Make A Boxwood Tree images for a pdf you can print.

These tomato seedlings grow strongest when the lights are very close. It’s also helpful to have a fan on them so that they are blown around a bit, as they would be outdoors.

In Ellen’s NYC apartment she put fluorescent lights above and on both sides of this window, covering them with the window treatment.

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