Lettuce Wraps, Coriander and Replacing Ugly Junipers

Be inspired to make lettuce wraps for dinner, hear about growing coriander, and learn about plant pheromones. Plus hear how Ellen and C.L. advise Don about his ugly junipers.

:32  What’s For Dinner: “Lettuce Wraps”
4:30  Eat/Drink/Grow: Coriander
14:44   Insider Information: What are plant pheromones?
20:09   Love Letters and Questions: Don asks what to do with ugly junipers.

This lettuce wrap has a bean paste base topped with chopped ham, avocado, tomatoes, and celery.

When Junipers are sheared they get uglier and uglier. If you have shrubs that look like these, it’s time to replace them!

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