Marking Your Territory, Elderberries, and Hydrangea Color

Ellen and C.L. discuss whether human urine helps with critter control in the garden and they talk about a favorite shrub, Sambucus, aka elderberry. The episode finishes with a discussion of changing the pH for a potted hydrangea so that the flower turns from pink to blue.

:40   True or False:  Urinating around the garden can keep deer or rabbits away.
5:20 Eat/Drink/Grow: Everything Elderberry, or the Sensational Sambucus     
17:18   Love Letters and Questions:  Charlotte writes from Germany about her potted hydrangea.

Elderberry flowers are beautiful in the early summer. Some of these shrubs grow as large as small trees, so place them accordingly!

The berries on the Sambucus plants are as attractive as the flowers.

A listener wonders if a potted hydrangea that has turned pink can become blue again. This one is Curly Sparkle.

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