Pasta Salad, Pineapple Weed, Transplanting, and Systemic Insecticide

The Plantrama team talks about ideas for pasta salad and reipes using pineapple weed. We get you thinking about transplanting in the fall, discuss how to manage plants that self-seed just a bit too enthusiastically, and answer a listener’s question about scale.

:30 What’s for dinner:    Pasta Salad and Pineapple Weed
5:14 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Preparing for Fall Transplanting
15:10 Insider Information:   Preventing plants from self-seeding too much.
21:09 Love Letters and Questions    Shannon asks about scale.

Here is pineapple weed (Matricaria discoidea)…it grows in urban and rural settings, and doesn’t mind gravel or other poor soils.

Just about any garden produce can be used for a pasta salad. C.L. likes to quickly blanch broccoli and zucchini, cooling them quickly so that they retain some crunch but don’t have that raw taste. The only thing missing from this photo is a good vinegar and the herbs! Fresh basil, dill, chives or other herbs of your choice should be tossed in last. Garlic and onions to your liking as well.

Scale is a tough insect, but it can be treated quite successfully. The scale on this tree in 2020 was sprayed with horticultural oil in the fall and early spring, and in 2021 there is little sign of it.


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