Planting Shrubs & Trees, Tums for Tomatoes, and

Eating Dandelion Flowers

Learn how you can eat dandelion flowers, the best method for planting shrubs and trees and why perennials may need to be split and divided periodically. Plus the Plantrama team talks about planting tomatoes with Tums… a good idea, or not?

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:30       True or False:  Plant your tomatoes with tums to prevent blossom end rot.
5:27     Plant Noob: What’s this I hear about dividing perennial plants?
13:45   Eat/Drink/Grow:   planting trees & shrubs
21:21 Love Letters and Questions: How to eat dandelion flowers?

Are dandelion flowers good to eat? Yes!

Here is a cocktail garnished with dandelion petals. A toast to spring!

Be sure to remove all burlap and ties from a B&B plant before filling in the hole. You can leave burlap and wire or rope on while lifting it into the hole, but then cut out as much as possible and remove before filling in the hole.

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