Pollinating Citrus Indoors, Plant Professions, and Relief for the Covid Cranky

Do you grow citrus indoors for at least part of the year? Learn to be the bee! We also suggest plants for the “COVID cranky” (and who isn’t?) plus becoming a local or niche garden expert.

:34     Plant Noob:  Pollinating Citrus You’re Growing Indoors   
4:24    Eat/Drink/Grow: Plants for the Covid Cranky
18:36   Plant Empowerment:   Becoming a local or niche garden guru.

Indoor citrus often have flowers and fruit developing at the same time.

In order to have fruit on a citrus tree that’s inside for part of the year, you might have to “be the bee” and hand pollinate it.

One of the plants C.L. recommends for the Covid cranky is this velvet leaf (Ruellia makoyana).

C.L.’s brief history of how she became a garden communicator and a local garden guru.

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