Raised Beds, Labeling Plants and Check THIS Out!

The Plantrama team gives those new to vegetable gardening some advice about raised beds…how deep, what to fill them with, and whether they need a weed barrier underneath. We talk about how to remember what you’ve planted, without sticking ugly labels next to every plant in your garden. In a new segment, we tell you about a couple of great things that we’ve discovered.

:45   Plant Noob:  Raised bed Tips
10:46   Eat/Drink/Grow: Methods for remembering what you’ve planted
21:36   Check THIS Out!:  C.L. raves about Fleurs de Villes and Ellen talks about Spice Jungle!

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C.L. labels most of her Hydrangeas since her property is on tour during the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival. These slate squares hang from a stiff wire, so they are fairly unobtrusive.

Taking a photo of a newly placed plant with the tag is helpful = be sure to include some of the other plants in the garden in your shot- note the daylily at the top right corner…that will help me to remember where this coreopsis was planted last year.

All of the clothing on the Fleurs de Villes manikins are made of flowers and created by local floral designers.

These were on display at the North West Flower and Garden Festival in Seattle in 2022.

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