Raspberries, White Flower Gardens, and Fungus Gnats  

C.L. and Ellen answer questions that were submitted at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival in Seattle. They discuss pruning raspberries, great plants with white flowers, and how to get rid of fungus gnats.

1:31   What’s For Dinner: Raspberries!
10:14    Eat/Drink/Grow:   Gardens with White Flowers.
21:56    Insider Information:  Fungus Gnats
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Notice when your raspberries bear fruit, and whether they are producing berries on the growth that came this summer or last summer.

In the summer when these thornless blackberries are bearing fruit, the new canes, which will produce berries next season, need to be tied up. In the fall, the canes that had berries this summer will get cut down and removed.

Variegated Sunpatiens with white flowers bring lots of color to a garden. These bloom well in full sun to part shade.

Place yellow sticky cards (aka White Fly Traps) near plants when you bring them inside, or first notice fungus gnats.

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