Rhubarb, Curb Appeal and The Invasion of the Garden Gnomes

:40 What’s for dinner: Rhubarb & Knotweed
Fresh stems and shoots are on the menu today – from cultivated rhubarb to the wild Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) aka “that *@&#^#! weed.)

5:16 Insider Information: Curb Appeal
What, specifically, is curb appeal? How can we all get more, and does it mean a total landscape makeover?

11:30 Eat/Drink/Grow:     The Invasion of The Garden Gnomes (aka Garden Ornaments)
The gnomes are taking some good-natured heat today as we talk about ornaments in the garden.

19:39 Did You Know: Chickweed   
It’s a petite, kind of sweet and good to eat weed. The bane of a all-grass-lawn-lover, and a something to pull from flowerbeds. But Ellen tells you how to turn your reaction from “oh no” to ‘oh boy!”  See the cocktail that we created from chickweed here.

25:15  Love Letters and Questions: Harper asks if the soil in window boxes needs to be changed every year.


Rhubarb leaves are poisonous but the stems are not. Another one of nature’s quirks.

We cut off the flowers on a rhubarb plant when they start to form so that the plant puts energy into making more stalks and leaves. But those flowers make a lovely bouquet, so don’t toss them out too quickly…

This is an example of nice curb appeal. Helen McVeigh created this sitting area on the side of her yard, near the street. The bench, lovely birdhouse made by Bobby Hallstein, a small patio and a fountain are surrounded by assorted shrubs and perennials. It is tidy and looks cared for, doesn’t it? You can imagine sitting here with a cup of coffee in the morning…that’s curb appeal!

Love gnomes or hate them? In this episode Ellen and C.L. talk about garden ornaments. Do you like them classic or kitchy? When it comes to decorating the landscape, are there any hard and fast “rules?”

It’s the color that makes this drink so appealing… you could almost think it’s a spring tonic! Click on the link above for the recipe.

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