Roasting Summer Harvests, Mothballs and Bacteria

We start this episode with information about roasting vegetables. C.L. claims that roasted garden green beans taste as good as French fries, and Ellen says, “What?”  We then go on to trash the idea that mothballs can be used to repel animals in the garden, and talk about bacteria…the good, the bad, and the ugly. The episode ends with Chelsea’s question about growing plants in clay. 

:35   What’s for dinner  Roasted vegetables and foraged edibles
5:21  True or False: Use mothballs to repel animals from your garden?
7:48    Eat/Drink/Grow Bacteria…the good, the bad and the ugly
15:01  Love Letters and Questions: Chelsea asks about gardening in clay.

Roasting vegetables is easy. C.L. puts them on parchment paper in a 375 degree oven.

You know the vegetables are done when the edges turn brown.

NO where on the box does it say that these are safe to use outside. In fact, there are several warnings on the package that should be heeded!


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