Root Stimulator, and Houseplants, Houseplants, Houseplants

Ellen and C.L. discuss what root stimulator products are and if they are necessary when you plant. They also address why houseplants might drop leaves when you bring them back inside for the winter, and how to fit even more plants in your house.

:32 True or False:  You should use a “root stimulator” that is high in phosphorous
9:14 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Why houseplants and tropicals drop leaves when you bring them in for the winter.
19:43 Love Letters and Questions:  Kim asks how to fit more plants in her apartment.

Do you need a root stimulator to promote good growth in the garden? We discuss this in this episode of Plantrama.

Ellen’s lovely display of plants in a window that gets little natural light. The grow-lights are hidden behind the window treatments on the top and sides.

Consider using random objects for holding more plants in a window. Here a metal obelisk intended for vines in the garden, and metal stands intended to hold gazing balls are used to display indoor plants. Get creative!  This photo taken at Hyannis Country Garden, 380 West Main Street in Hyannis, MA. 


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