Seed Info, Gardening in Clay and Potting Media

Have you ever bought an envelope of seeds that had no instructions on it? Do you have clay soils where you garden? Ellen and C.L. start the program with these topics, then move onto invasive plants in the landscape, and the differences between different types of potting media.

:30   True or False:   It’s okay to send out seeds without any germination information.
5:12     Eat/Drink/Grow:  Gardening in Clay
21:18  Insider Information:  Inspired by Carol invasives in the landscape
25:16   Love Letters and Questions:    From Adriana any difference between potting soil and seeding-starting mix?

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Have you ever purchased seeds that have no germination or growing recommendations? Is this okay?

Clay soils don’t drain quickly! Hear about testing your ground to see what type of soil you have.

Bittersweet and Rosa multiflora are pretty in the fall. Sometimes C.L. picks the rose hips to use in flower arrangements, and she will use the bittersweet stems/vines (without the berries) on winter wreaths or for making other craft projects. 

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