Shagbark Hickory, Starting Flowers From Seed, and Organic Fertilizers

This program explains why you might want to plant a hickory tree, and which flowers can be started indoors this spring. C.L. and Ellen also discuss how organic fertilizers work and why you should appreciate that they aren’t instantly available to plants. The episode ends with the mystery of the disappearing foxglove plants.

:30 Did You Know: What is a shagbark hickory tree and why should you care?recipe for shagbark hickory syrup:
Go Native Tree Farm in Manheim PA is a place you can order hickory trees:

5:52 Eat/Drink/Grow: Yes, it’s time to start thinking about which flowers to grow from seeds.
18:07 Inside Information: How organic fertilizers work.
20:55 Love Letters and Questions:  Portia is wondering why her foxgloves have disappeared.

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Don’t start fast-growing seedlings too early.

Hickory nuts look like tiny walnuts.


This is why it’s called “shag bark.”

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