Sorrel, Seeds, and Sawdust in the Garden


Find out if you need to soak seeds before planting them, how to grow better root crops, and if it’s OK to put sawdust in the garden. We also talk about sorrel – the weed and the cultivated vegetable. Podcoin.

:34 What’s For Dinner: Sorrel – yes, it’s a weed. Yes, it’s a vegetable. Yes, it’s delicious.
4:10 Insider Information: Soaking seeds. You might have heard that all seeds should be soaked before planting. This isn’t necessarily true…
8:58 Eat/Drink/Grow: Root Crops – how to grow better edible roo
20:26 Love Letters and Questions: John wants to know if it’s OK to put sawdust in his garden.

This is how the wild “Sheep’s sorrel” looks. AKA Rumex acetosella

Compare the sunchoke roots – foraged and wild on the left, and cultivated on the right.

Sawdust can be very fine, as on the right of this photo, or larger as you see on the left. Either one is best put in the compost and not dug directly into the garden soil.

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