Spring Greens, Plants for Arbors, and Forced Bulbs

In the last episode for March Ellen and C.L. answer the last batch of questions collected at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival in Seattle. Many of these focus on plants for arbors and pergolas.

:28    What’s for dinner: Spring Greens
3:37    Insider Information:   Can a night blooming Cereus grow indoors in AK? 
5:27   Eat/Drink/Grow:   Plants for arbors, pergolas and trellises  18:16  Love Letters and Questions: From Rachel about a forced hyacinth bulb.

Thanks to the sponsors of our appearance at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival in Seattle last February. Gardener’s Supply Company, Storey Publishing and Botanical Interest Seeds have our gratitude as well as our whole-hearted endorsement. 

Chickweed is a spring green that is edible and tasty! Put it in a salad or create your own chickweed cocktail!

C.L. blended chickweed with some elderflower liquor and some gin. You could use vodka or the spirit of your choice. Talk about spring GREEN!

Lonicera sempervirens is native to the USA. It’s also fairly fast growing.

This variety of Lonicera sempervirens is called Major Wheeler – it will cover a fence or small arbor, and blooms most of the summer.

Passion flower vines might not be hardy in most of the USA, but they are fast-growing as an annual, not to mention entertaining when in bloom.

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