Spring Pestos, Photosynthesis, Mulch and Fennel Seeds

If you think that pesto has to be made of basil, think again! Ellen and C.L. talk about spring pestos, how quickly plants start to photosynthesize, and discuss the pros and cons of various types of mulch. We end with a question about the best fennel to grow if you want the seeds.

:34   What’s for dinner: Spring Pestos! Make pesto before the basil has even germinated.
4:58   Insider Information: How quickly does photosynthesis start?
8:48  Eat/Drink/Grow: Much about Mulch
24:15  Love Letters and Questions: Cassy asks about growing fennel for seeds, not greens or bulbs.

Pesto can be made out of just about any tasty green. In this episode Ellen and C.L. discuss what to use in pesto in the spring.

When C.L. opens her garage door, the Agapanthus at the end of this row of plants often receive some sunlight. “How fast does photosynthesis start?” she wondered as the sun hits these green leaves.

This mulch job has two strikes against it, in the Plantrama team’s opinion. First, it’s piled too high against the trunk if this tree. Such “volcano mulching” can kill trees. And secondly, it’s a dyed red mulch, which Ellen hates. (Not that C.L. likes dyed red, but she isn’t as annoyed by it as Ellen is.) 

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