Tropical Hibiscus, Plant Gifts, and Cooking Dandelion Greens

On Plantrama today Ellen talks about cooking dandelion greens and then she and C.L. differ about bringing someone a plant as a gift. They agree about growing and how to over-winter tropical hibiscus, and explain how to store dahlia tubers.

:31 What’s For Dinner: How to cook dandelion greens.
Find Ellen’s Dandelion Pesto Article and recipe at the Home Garden and Homestead website.
and Ellen’s recipe for Dandelion Bitters here.

4:10 Plant Noob: Should you bring someone a plant as a gift? Ellen and C.L. disagree.

9:09 Eat Drink Grow: Tropical hibiscus – how to keep this lovely plant happy through the winter.

14:29 Love Letters and Questions: Bailey asks how to store dahlia tubers for the winter.

It’s time for cocktails with Ellen’s dandelion bitters.

This is one of the many lovely colors in the Hollywood Hibiscus line. Click on the photo to reach their website.

Another star walks down the red carpet!

We answer Bailey’s question about how to store dahlia tubers.

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