Vegetables Crossing, Planting After Tree Removal and Tomato Leaves

Wondering if your zucchini can cross with the neighbor’s pumpkins? Want to know about planting where a tree used to grow? Ellen and C.L. talk about those topics plus finding inexpensive plants for shade and curling tomato leaves. 

This episode brought to you by our friends at Dramm Rainwands.

 :37  True or False:   Zucchini can cross with pumpkins so that you get weird fruit.
3:11  Eat/Drink/Grow:  Why a plant might not grow when put near where a tree used to be.
13:27  Plant Noob – Inexpensive plants for shade? An email from Madeline.
16:44 Love Letters and Questions:    Ted asks why on some days the foliage on his tomato plant is curled.

There are many things to consider when planting in an area where trees grew in the past. Roots, soil, why the tree died and more.

Coleus is one of the colorful plants you can grow from seed and plant in the shade.


There are several creative ways to get color in shady places…

C.L.’s watering is made much easier with a Dramm Rainwand.

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