Zucchini, Plant ID and Tips for Growing Berries

What’s For Dinner:¬† Ellen and C.L. begin by discussing summer squash, aka zucchini. We mention the use of Actinovate, Serenade, and Green Cure organic fungicides for controlling powdery mildew, and C.L. mentions the variety Zephyr for continued production even after the plant has mildew.

The Plant Noob: Next, we discuss the ways to get an accurate identification of a plant, whether you’re using an app, posting on Facebook or a list-serv, or taking a photo into your local garden center.

Eat Drink Grow: In our “Eat, Drink, Grow” segment we talk about growing blueberries and blackberries.

Insider Information: In this section we talk about an article from the Summer 2017 issue of Garden Design.

We finish off the program by answering an email about keeping daylilies looking their best through the summer.

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