Apples, Amaryllis, and The Truth About Acorns

In this episode we’re talking about apple recipes, large amounts of acorns, and getting your amaryllis to bloom again this winter.

:30 What’s for dinner: Apples, wild and domestic.

4:58 True or False? A big crop of acorns means that there will be a hard winter.

8:03 Eat/Drink/Grow: Amaryllis, Part II. Bringing them indoors, chilling/resting, repotting (if needed) and waking them up again.

13.08 Love Letters and Questions: Kip wrote asking if she should take off the spotted or brown-tipped leaves when she’s bringing her plants in for the winter. “Just how careful do I need to be about cleaning them up?”

If you’ve kept your amaryllis plant alive all summer, you might be wondering how to bring it back into flower this winter. Ellen and C.L. tell you what to do now so you’ll see blooms like these later.

C.L.’s houseplants have been at summer camp under her grape arbor, but now it’s time to bring them in.

Ellen is harvesting Dolgo crabapples and C.L. is mighty jealous…

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