Planting Bulbs, Ten-Minute Improvements, and The Leaf-Stack Challenge

:55 Just For Fun:  It’s the leaf stack challenge! Or we should say, #leafstackchallenge

4:00 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Quick fixes to your landscape. Whether you’re having company or just want to spruce up the garden for your own pleasure, Ellen and C.L. offer 10-minute fixes anyone can do.

11:16 Insider Information:  Myths about planting bulbs. Thanks to Bill Miller, Professor of Horticulture at Cornell for giving us the real dirt on planting bulbs. See the bulb planting machine here 

15:20 Love Letters and Questions: Monty wonders when someone should pull out or cut down flowering annuals in the fall.


Ellen created this leafstack from foliage in New Mexico.

This leaf stack is made of all edible plants. In fact, after C.L. took this photo, she added salad dressing and ate it for lunch.

How deep should you plant bulbs? According to the research done at Cornell, not very deeply at all.

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