Apples, Augers, Old Wood and Tomatillos

C.L. and Ellen give you some different ideas for using apples this season, discuss planting bulbs with an auger on a drill, explain the term “old wood” and answer a listener’s question about tomatillo plants.

:30 What’s for dinner:  Apples or crabapples, anyone?
7:54 The Plant Noob: Using a hand drill and an auger to plant lots of bulbs.
14:19 Eat/Drink/Grow:  What is meant by the term “old wood.”  As in “these hydrangeas flower on old wood.”
21:49 Love Letters and Questions:   Paula wrote: “I planted a Tomatillo plant for the first time in my vegetable garden and got no fruit.

Ellen’s spiced crabapples are as pretty as they are tasty! Click on the image to go to the recipe.

C.L.’s beef and beet soup also contains some chopped apples, along with garden tomatoes, onions, and carrots.

The large auger on an electric drill made planting a hundred daffodil bulbs go much faster. Riley the dog supervises…

C.L. planted two tomatillo plants in a large pot and they did bear fruit. They are a very ornamental plant, but be aware that they grow tall and rather floppy in a pot, and they might be better off with support.


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