Cranberries, Potting Soils, and a Too-Tall Houseplant

Ellen and C.L. talk about cranberry recipes that go beyond the traditional “cranberry sauce.” They discuss potting “soils” and their composition, and give a listener advice about a Dracaena fragrans (aka corn plant) that has gotten too tall.

Click here for Ellen’s Cranberry Chutney recipe.

:31   What’s For Dinner:  Cranberries
8:23   Eat/Drink/Grow:   Potting Mixes
24:26  Love Letters and Questions: From Bailey, a tale of the too tall dracaena

When the cranberry harvest is happening on Cape Cod it’s a beautiful sight!

See C.L.’s too-tall Dracaena fragrans (aka corn plant) on the left? It was nearing the ceiling last winter, so this summer it got rejuvenated.

First, C.L. cut off the top 8 inches.

Next the leaves were removed from the bottom half of the stalk. That area was dusted with rooting hormone powder.

The cutting was then placed in a pot of fresh potting mix and kept moist but not wet for the next two months. This rooting top was placed in a bright window but not in direct sun. Now it has been moved to an even brighter location and it’s growing well. (Note: C.L. put the bottom stalk in the compost. Yes, she could have just cut it down to a foot or two high and let it branch out at the top, but how many corn plants does one person need?

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