Are Sunflowers Poisonous, Green Flowers, and Aggressive Plants

C.L. and Ellen rave about green flowers, explain the difference between aggressive and invasive plants, and discuss the common belief that sunflowers poison other plants. Plus we answer Meredith’s question about why cut flowers don’t grow roots.

:40 True or False: Sunflowers poison other plants   
5:19  Eat/Drink/Grow: Green Flowers!
14:51 The Plant Noob: The difference between aggressive and invasive plants.
19:31  Love Letters and Questions:  Meredith  asks “What makes some plants easy to propagate, and others not-so-easy?”

The shells of sunflower seeds might inhibit the growth of other seedlings, but sunflowers themselves aren’t poisonous.

This Green Cloud Hydrangea is such an amazing color! 

A listener wonders why the stems of flowers in bouquets don’t form roots.

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