Spring Tonics, Planting Seeds Too Early, and Direct Sowing

Did you know that a spring tonic doesn’t have to be a drink? Hear Ellen and C.L. talk about tonics, what to do if you’ve started your seeds too early, the definition of direct sowing and vegetables for hot climates.

:30 What’s For Dinner:  What’s your spring tonic?
4:57 Eat/Drink/Grow:    Starting seeds too early.
15:31 Insider Information:  What does it mean to direct sow?
19:50 Love Letters and Questions: Erik writes about growing vegetables in Texas.

Chives are C.L.’s spring tonic. They are one of the first plants to emerge in her herb garden.

If you have started seeds too early you should keep the lights about 3″ above them, and put a fan to blow on them a couple of hours a day.

Direct sowing is when you put seeds right into the ground.

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