Asparagus, Topiary, and The Deadly Nightshade

The Plantrama team discusses growing and foraging for asparagus, reviews a lovely book about public gardens you ought to see, and answers a listener’s question about the weed called nightshade. They also disagree about topiary…C.L. loves them, Ellen? Not so much.

:32 What’s For Dinner:  Asparagus ~ wild and garden grown
9:48 Eat/Drink/Grow:    Topiary
22:01 Book Review: 
24:28 Love Letters and Questions:   Is nightshade a bad neighbor?

Here’s the link to George’s book  50 American Public Gardens You Really Ought to See :

spear of wild asparagus growing amid grasses.

Ellen and C.L. are stalking the asparagus, be it wild or garden grown.

In this garden two deciduous trees were sheared into topiary shapes.

One of the gardens listed in George Weigel’s book, 50 American Public Gardens You Really Ought to See, is Longwood in PA. C.L. took this photo in their topiary garden. These elaborate topiaries are mostly yews.


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