Planting in Square Holes, Plants for Small Arbors, and Long-Lived Perennials

C.L. and Ellen discuss the internet-based rumor that you should dig a square hole when planting trees, and give suggestions for plants to grow on small trellises and arbors. We finish with a discussion about how to know if a perennial plant will reliably return, or if it’s a “temperennial.”

:40  True or False: Plant trees in square holes
7:41 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Plants for small arbors and trellises
20:51  Love Letters and Questions:   Rick writes to ask how you can tell if a perennial plant will live for many years or not.

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This photo is of a root ball formed by a plant grown in a square pot. You can clearly see that roots do, indeed, turn 90 degree corners, making the argument that trees should be planted in square holes completely false.

Mandevilla vine and Hyacinth bean vine are both good for small trellises.

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