Barbecued Greens, Firepits, Preserving the Harvest & Our Secret Six Tools

In late summer and early fall we’re harvesting fruits and vegetables be they wild or tame. In this episode we talk about delicious way to cook and preserve this bounty. Be it barbecued chard (recipe here), canned or dried tomatoes or frozen roasted eggplant, there are many ways to save your harvest.

We also talk about firepits and our Secret Six tools that everyone should have in their shed or garage. All of this tasty and useful talk along with the answer to an emailed question from a listener.

Secret Six Links:   Cobrahead Weeder, Fiskars Rachet Loppers, Corona Bypass Pruners, Plastic Glove Clips, Flexzilla Hoses, Mattock Digging Tool.

Six must-have tools for the yard and garden.

C.L. and Ellen talk about their secret six tools for your yard and garden work.

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