Winter Squash, Fall Cleanup and Saving Summer Annuals

Yes, it’s autumn so time to talk about fall garden produce…and we start with Winter Squash. How do you tell when a winter squash is ripe? What’s the best way to cook them or keep them for the winter? Next we talk about how to save summer annuals. Should your bring a mixed container indoors? We explain which annuals and tropical plants should be saved and the best methods for doing so. In our longest segment we discuss the pros and cons of fall landscape cleanups. When to cut plants down but why you might not want to, and when to rake leaves and what to do with them once you’ve collected those piles. We lay out all the options for landscape cleanups in the fall so our listeners can decide which method will work best for them.

On the “Insider Information” segment we talk about getting inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy. After becoming inspired by Andy, consider getting outside in your own back yard and getting creative!

As always, we end with a question from a listener, and this week’s question is about whether you should save seed from the plants you’ve grown.

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You can find C.L.’s recipe for curried winter squash soup on this Coffee for Roses blog page.


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