Cakes, Limited Room and Dense Raised Bed Plantings

In this 200th episode of Plantrama, Ellen and C.L. celebrate with cake! Hear about Ellen’s berry pudding cake and C.L.’s beet cake. Next we talk about where to plant if you’re running out of room (remember topsy-turvy tomatoes?) and whether it’s okay to pack vegetables into a raised bed.

2:45 What’s For Dinner:  Unusual cakes
8:13 Eat/Drink/Grow:  What to do when you’re running out of room….
16:38 Love Letters and Questions: Dense planting in raised beds.

Here’s the link to Ellen’s berry pudding cake recipe:

Ellen’s berry pudding cake is moist and yummy…and you can use a variety of berries, foraged, grown or purchased!

Take your favorite carrot cake recipe and use beets instead of carrots. Or beets AND carrots. The batter will be beet-pink!

The baked beet cake is moist and wonderful, but not pink. Unfortunately.

Once your beet cake is baked, it will look like a normal cake. C.L. is kind of sad that the pink color goes away.

Remember the topsy turvy tomato planter? It was the garden equivalent of the hoola hoop (a fad) in 2006.

Yes, raised beds can be packed with veggies.


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