Blueberries, Panicle Hydrangeas, and a Weed Wand

In this episode Ellen and C.L. talk about the blueberry harvest, soil acidity or alkalinity, Hydrangea paniculata plants, spraying foliage with water in hot weather and a magical way to control weeds. (And no, there is not magic wand for weeds…let’s just get that cleared up before falsehoods start to be spread. 

:40  What’s for Dinner: Blueberries
7:00  The Plant Noob:
All about soil pH
15:04  Eat/Drink/Grow:  
Panicle hydrangeas
25:03   Insider Information:
Should you water your plant’s leaves in hot weather
28:42   Love Letters & Questions:
Is there a magic wand for weeds?

We LOVE panicle hydrangeas…for so many reasons!

This photo shows a basket of blueberries picked from C.L. Fornari's blueberry bushes.

It’s blueberry season!

Should you water the leaves of your plants in hot weather?

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