Carrots, Repotting Houseplants, and Halloween Pumpkin Seeds

Today we’re talking about carrots, wild and domestic. We explain that before a plant has fruit it comes into flower, and discuss the how, why, how often and when of repotting houseplants. This episode finishes with Sandy’s question,“Can I plant, or eat, the seeds we take out of the pumpkins that are being carved for Halloween?”

:30 What’s For Dinner: Carrots

4:52 Plant Noob: Flowers Before Fruit

8:28 Eat/Drink/Grow: Repotting Houseplants

20:50 Love Letters and Questions: Eating and Planting Pumpkin Seeds

Carrots sown in the spring get harvested in late August, but those sown in August can be harvested into the winter.

Before a plant makes fruit or seeds, it flowers. These bright orange Butterfly Weed flowers will turn into seeds that use wind to disperse them far and wide.

These Butterfly Weed seeds blow out and away in the fall.

If the weather is conducive to working outside, that’s a good place to repot your house plants. But if not, spread a tarp or old shower curtain down indoors and be resigned to making a mess.

Blueberry flowers come before blueberry fruit.

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