Staking Trees, Pinching Plants and Harvest Parties

In this episode Ellen and C.L. discuss staking trees and pinching plants. They give ideas for holding a harvest party, tell about the first plant they fell in love with, and answer Kip’s question about preserving garden and foraged foods.

I spotted this tiny tree that was held rigidly in place by four stakes and ropes. Unfortunately this person spent time on this staking unnecessarily.

:35 True or False? Staking Trees. Do you need to stake a tree when you plant it?

4:18 For The Plant Noob. What does it mean to “pinch plants” and why would you want to do so?

8:47 Eat/Drink/Grow. Harvest Party! Ideas for gathering with family and friends and celebrating the fall season.

See the recipe for Twice Baked Potatoes here.
Discover how to make Ellen’s Crabapple Cocktail here. 

18:08 Story Time. Ellen and C.L. remember “their first.”

20:06 Love Letters and Questions. Kip asks about the best method for food preservation.

Here is another danger with staking trees…this large tree was killed (strangled!) by the wire staking that was put in place years ago when it was planted.

This tray of Twice Baked Garden Potatoes is ready to put in the freezer. Once they are frozen they are placed in plastic bags until you’re ready to bake them for dinner or a party.

Celebrate the crabapple season. Join us in a toast to fall!


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