Coffee Grounds, Plant Emergencies, and Sweet or Savory Cooking

Ellen and C.L. discuss garden or foraged ingredients that can swing both ways (sweet or savory), we discuss how to respond to a plant crisis, and examine the practice of putting coffee grounds in the garden.

:31 sweet or savory
4:17 coffee in the garden
8:35 don’t panic!
18:16 garden tours

Link to the blancmange recipe that Ellen speaks about.

Link to the Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe that C.L. mentions.

Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival ~ ten days of garden tours Cape-wide.

GardenWalk Buffalo ~ a weekend of hundreds of open gardens.

Ellen’s Blueberry Melilot Blancmange

You get home to find your plant looking like this. What happened? What to do? In this case, the plant was sunburned by putting it directly outside without getting it used to the light gradually. In this case, it’s not going to come back from the stems but might come back from the roots. It should get cut down and watered well, and left in a shady spot to see if it recovers.

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