Compost, Witches Brooms and Pressed Flowers

Is compost – homemade or purchased – a good substitute for fertilizer? What is that thick growth in a tree? Ellen and C.L. answer these questions and respond to a listener about uses for pressed flowers.

:26 True or False:   Compost is fertilizer.
3:50  Eat/Drink/Grow:  Witches’ Brooms
19:58 Love Letters and Questions: Kelly asks for ideas about what to do with pressed flowers.

Witches broom photos curtesy of Ray Jansson, a plant geek friend from Michigan.

Check out the pressed flower art by Peggy Turner Zablotny:

Here is typical homemade compost, dumped out of the composter and ready to spread in the garden. It will help improve soil health and add a few nutrients…but is it fertilizer?

A witches broom at the top of a conifer. These are very noticeable when they grow so large.

Another example of the congested growth at the top of an evergreen tree. Thanks to Ray Jansson for these photos!

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