Saving Plants Through the Winter and Preserving the Harvest

In this episode Ellen and C.L. talk about how to decide which tender or tropical plants to save indoors through the winter, how to preserve your garden or foraging harvest, and whether weeds choose to grow where they blend in.

:32  Plant Noob:    Deciding which tropicals/annuals to try and save through the winter.
9:05   Eat/Drink/Grow:  Preserving The Harvest
19:45   Love Letters and Questions    Morgan smart, chameleon weeds?

All of the tropicals and annuals in this trough on C.L.’s deck are easily found at the garden centers every spring, so she doesn’t save them from year to year, even though some, like the Cuphea and the King Tut Papyrus, are always planted in these bins.

C.L. loved this Sun Parasol Sunbeam Mandevilla and will gladly buy one again next year. She has found that without grow-lights, however, overwintering Mandevilla vines don’t come into flower again until late summer.

This Lochroma was a new plant on C.L.’s deck this summer and she’s going to try keeping it since it’s not commonly found every spring. Clearly, the hummingbirds liked it too!

Here is how the zucchini looks after roasting. C.L. roasts vegetables on parchment paper without oil.

After putting the roasted eggplant into a bag, we suck out most of the air using a straw, to keep the vegetables fresher in the freezer.

Is this smart weed smart enough to intentionally grow in plants with similar foliage?

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