Crabapples, Winter Protection and Fungus Gnats

 :50 Did You Know…about the pros and cons of Winter Protection? Think you should wrap your evergreen shrubs in burlap for the winter? Ellen explains how to correctly construct a protective screen, and C.L. wonders why anyone would want to upholster their shrubs.
4:45 Eat/Drink/Grow: Crabapples.How to choose a tree, which varieties C.L. and Ellen are lusting after, and what to do with the fruit. The two varieties mentioned are Chestnut and Dolgo. C.L. directs you to two helpful crabapple sites. One from The Morton Arboretum and a chart from J. Frank Schmidt.
Ellen gives this link on her website for crabapple recipes.
16:45 Insider Information: Last Chance Harvesting. Cool weather greens such as curly dock (for foragers), Tuscan kale, carrots, pak choi, chard and Brussels sprouts (for gardeners). Ellen also talks about ginkgo nuts. Have you heard the saying, “Stinko ginkgo?”
21:05 Love Letters and Questions: Fungus Gnats and Fruit Flies  Robbie writes “Help! I’ve got fruit flies in my kitchen.”

A photo of a yellow “sticky card” aka whitefly trap. It’s easy to use an old fork to hold them, and stick that into a pot where you think the fungus gnats are breeding.

Is this winter protection or decorations for Halloween?

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