Foraged Walnuts, Winter Protective Mulch, and Secrets From the Pumpkin Patch

:30 What’s For Dinner?  Foraging For Black Walnuts  Ellen explains where black walnut trees are found, how to crack them open, and reasons that foragers and foodies alike might want to gather these nuts in the fall. She also mentions Hammons Black Walnuts

6:25  For Plant Noobs: Winter Protective Mulches We discus the pros and cons of covering perennial gardens with a winter protective mulch…the how, why and when. And is often the case, Ellen and C.L. explain that there isn’t just one right way.

14:28 Eat/Drink/Grow: The Science, Art and Dinner of Pumpkins  Did you know that scientists around the world are researching the pumpkin because they are high in carotenoids. Did you know that pumpkins are a fruit? We talk about the pumpkins’ health benefits, use as porch decorations, and tasty ways to cook them. C.L. directs you to go to Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.

25:34 Love Letters and Questions: Leslie asks if a canna can be saved in the pot it was grown in.

Stack those pumpkins onto an urn or pots for some instantly classy porch decor.


Celebrate the autumn season with outdoor displays and dishes that use fall bounty.

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