Dead Trees, Early Flowering Perennials, and What NOW?

C.L. and Ellen discuss what to do if your tree dies, and what actions to take when something has already happened and you need to respond or do your best to fix it.

:30     True or False:   You should remove dead trees from your property
6:24    Eat/Drink/Grow:  After the fact. Or, I’ve already done it! Now What???
22:00    Love Letters and Questions:    Sandi asks:  “When early flowering perennials such as blue salvia, peonies, or penstemon stop blooming, what do I do with them?

Is a dead tree an eyesore, or is it important habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife?

This is Lychnis flos cuculi, an early flowering perennial that does not re-bloom later in the summer. Like most perennials that bloom early in the season, these should be cut down near the ground after flowering.

You say you’ve already put landscape fabric down in an attempt to control weeds? Here is a picture of how NOT effective that is. Weeds are happy to grow in decaying mulch on TOP of the landscape fabric.

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