Flea Beetles, a Book Review and Houseplants at Summer Camp

Ellen and C.L. talk about a common insect that causes damage in many vegetable gardens: flea beetles. Next they address questions and issues that arise when houseplants have been put outside for the summer, review an inspiring new book, and answer Ryan’s question about possible groundcover crops for weed suppression in flower farms.

:28 Plant Noob: Flea beetles
7:37  Eat/Drink/Grow:  So your houseplants are out for Summer Camp
18:12 Book Review:  The Urban Garden
22:12  Love Letters and Questions: From Ryan about weed control in a flower farm.

Flea beetles make very small holes. Tiny!

Here are some of C.L.’s house plants at summer camp. They are under a grape arbor, so are shaded but with dappled sun through the vines, and some very early morning direct sunshine.

This asparagus fern got sunburned by putting it directly from the house into direct sunlight. Put houseplants into shady locations first, moving them gradually into more direct sun after several days. The white leaves you see will drop off and the plant will recover. If the majority of the leaves turn white, it will be better to cut most of the plant back and let it regrow with new foliage.

We love the many inspiring photos and informative text in this book. It would be equally valuable for suburban and small-town gardeners, so don’t think that you have to live in a city to benefit from this book!




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